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Welcome in to a NOW rare video on FE3! I will be talking to you about why investing early is so important! I will show you various examples of why investing early, picking your own stocks, and the money you put it in is so important in investing! The stock market will help your money grow but if you put in the effort your money will sky rocket!

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Hope you enjoy this video! It is a value packed video and I hope you appreciate it! If you do smash the thumbs up button! Subscribe to the Channel for more videos like this! Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this video! and let me know what stocks to buy now.

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Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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financial education 3
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39 thoughts on “WHY YOU MUST START INVESTING THIS WAY NOW financial education 3”

  1. Jeremy…. Jeremy… You are selling people a dream. 16% return for 35 years straight, without mistakes? huh? Man I bet even you wouldn't be able to maintain such a rate of return. Nine out of ten wouldn't be able to do that.

  2. The road to financial independence isn't easy. It takes time and incredible discipline to earn, save, and invest as much as you possibly can. What it takes to retire at an early age depends totally on individual financial situation.

  3. Unfortunately 16% yearly returns is super unrealistic for most people. JP Morgan Data suggests the average yearly return of retail investors is only between 2-3%.

  4. Nobody taught me financial anything when i was younger. Not even the private school i went to. I come from a long line of "paycheck to paycheck" families. So investing never even entered my thought process… until the COVID crash. Then i started teaching myself finances. Pretty soon i was cutting expenses and putting every available dollar into the market. I got alot of wasted time to make up for. Now at 30, im Still just beginning my journey to financial independence but, at least now the engines started.

  5. But the money in stock market doesn’t compound that way, does it? If you invest $1000 into a stock in 2020, and it goes by 10%, your portfolio value will be $1100. In 2021, If it goes up by another 10% again, you will not make the gains on the $100 return from last year. It will still be on $1000 of initial investment. What this calculator does is this: in year 1, $1000 X 10% return = $1100. In year 2, $1100 X 10% return= $1210.

    When in reality it is just $1000 X 20% return from year 1 and 2= $1200.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Lies. It's extraordinarily rare for individual investors to outperform the market long-term. A lot has to go right, with low probability, for the last two scenarios to occur. Most of a portfolio should be tracking indices with a minority in individual stocks.

  7. My guy out here calling 1,000$ not a high/crazy contribution when the average person in the US makes something like 2.2 to 2.6k per month

  8. People don't realise just how hard the return of Person C is to achieve. This means they'd yield 16% return per year on average over 30 years with their individual stocks.
    Probably 99% of investors fail to do that over even just half that time. Now ask yourself – do you really think you're THAT good?

  9. Your marker is not a microphone pal. No more TTCF videos please. Genie, for one of my wishes, I want unlimited wishes. And the next person to comment is more than likely the troll machine pinned comment.

  10. Well it’s not out of the ordinary for beginners to struggle in stock trading,I was off to a rough start as well but I was able to eliminate the difficulty by investing with Lori Lynn Gile who structured and proceeded to making huge profits while teaching me everything I know in stock trading.

  11. Hi Jeremy!

    Thanks for making great videos.

    Can you please have a look at C3AI, it`s future perspectives and where is company going to? If possible can you make video about this company, please? Thanks a lot in advance!

  12. If your investment experience is less than 10 years start with a 5-6 portfolio. Don't bet big on any single company, learn the process first… Initially diversification is not that bad, it worked for me in initial year's, remember that protection of capital is a must.

  13. keep in mind, the money your shown in 30 years in future is based on future value. If you take inflation in mind. All future value has to be calculate for a present value. Meaning what does 1 million dollar will be worth today. Due to inflation, a bmw cost $50000 could worth $ 200,000 30 years in the future. So have 1’5 million might not be much as you thought.

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