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Home » My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation financial advisor

My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation financial advisor

My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation

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My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation

My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation

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My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation
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30 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Debt Ceiling and will the Fed Raise rates to slow Inflation financial advisor”

  1. You never get the truth from the powers that be because they don't want to panic the markets…any market. You can bet when they are "positioned correctly", that's when you'll get the truth; then, it's every man for himself. Major wealth transfer.

  2. Not mentioned in this little video.

    The demoncrats control all three branches of government and could pass a debt ceiling increase all by themselves.

  3. 14th Amendment section 4:
    "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned." They WILL raise the public debt.

  4. They have set up the perfect global financial and economic storm for a one world financial system and government. We did not pay attention to history.

  5. They are going to raise the debt ceiling every time. If they don’t then the monetary system will collapse. Not much of a choice there. We can only take the hand that we are dealt. Solution = physical PM 🙂

  6. Maybe their strategy is to create panic with the debt ceiling, destabilize the market, and then “save” the market by passing the legislation…this would keep everyone distracted from the evergrande situation and make it seem like there’s positive futures etc…so basically a big distraction

  7. It ticks me off, all of the millions or billions paid into social security for years and now they threaten to stop payments to those that earned it because the government continues to spend money they don't have. They give money freely to other countries and organizations but can't take care of America!! #StopTheSpend

  8. We are headed for a collapse when we hit something like 50 trillion in debt. Many corrections and bursting bubbles along the way as well as inflation. Inflation is more dangerous to politicians than the national debt.

  9. I completely disagree. The debt ceiling will not be raised this time. We will default. The US Corp. is already bankrupt. The fiat petrodollar is already dead. Everyone in the world is already moving on from it. If you are not turning your dollars into something else as fast as possible, well I guess they will make good toilet paper when that runs out. We are witnessing a controlled demolition of all systems. The supply lines are already broken. We do not have the factories to make this stuff. There will be no parts for cars, machines, etc.. very soon and that will further erode civilization. Farmers are being forced to destroy crops so the food supply will collapse. The US government and all governments, including China, will all collapse. All of them. The US will be done in a month at most. Australia will overthrow theirs soon. It will happen world wide. The financial system will collapse. It is corrupt and evil and cannot be saved at this point. Same with all governments. They cannot be rehabilitated. They need to be destroyed and then started over. This will happen. The medical system has already committed suicide. There will not be hospitals going forward. The medical system has shown it is also corrupt and evil and does not care about helping anyone. They care about making money and will murder and lie to do so. No one will ever trust any doctor again when the truth about this whole farce comes out and you would have to be suicidal at this point to go anywhere near a hospital. They will literally kill you and have no interest in helping anyone. So that industry is going to die. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner. She has had it. Half of her staff will not take the shot and neither will she. These people will all walk if forced, same as all over the country. These people are not just going to comply. They are not replaceable. There are no extra doctors and nurses. Some states have claimed they will hire foreigners. They can't. It takes months to get certified at a hospital. My wife hired another nurse but she can't even start until January because she won't be certified by then. My wife and her staff will probably be fired by then so her practice in the hospital will just close down. There are no people to replace all the firemen, police, etc.. These people are not just Walmart cashiers that are disposable. So you are witnessing the collapse of this country. Besides gold, silver, cryptos and food, I would be stocking all the ammo you can. That will probably be the thing that keeps you alive through what is to come.

  10. Forget everything going on in the economy… bottom line is the Debt – GDP%. The US has passed 130%. Debt is unservicable. 51 of 52 countries that have passed the 130% Rubicon have ALL COLLAPSED. The $ is dead. The American Empire is dead.. get out of fiat currency, do what you can to get out debt and do what you can to get out of the US banking system as much as possible.

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