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Is Gold A Good Investment? financial news

Gold is one of the largest financial assets in the world with an average daily trading volume of $183 billion, and its value has seen explosive growth in recent …

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Is Gold A Good Investment?

Is Gold A Good Investment?

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Is Gold A Good Investment?
financial news
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25 thoughts on “Is Gold A Good Investment? financial news”

  1. Silly stupid question. Gold is not an investment. A parking spot is n to a car. But when I need a parking spot it is very valuable. Gold is a parking spot, not a business with risk. The parking spot never needs an oil change. Gold has zero risk as a parking spot. Buffet is a business man looking for cash flow. Gold has ZERO cash flow. Yet measured in gold, the Dow was 19 ounces of gold in 1971 and is still 19 ounces of gold fifty years later. Only difference is dividends but many businesses are bankrupt. Gold is safe parking.

  2. Take away points
    1) Gold will never be zero, never be completely replaced by anything and it has it's place in financial role. Why would central bank hold them if they are not?
    2) Whether Gold out perform other assets or not depend on the period that you choose.
    3) Gold is a long term inflationary hedge and not short term inflationary hedge. Gold tend to front run inflation (recently value spike in 2020 before inflation kick in 2021).
    4) Gold is an hard asset and can hedge against deflation especially when we have financial system based on fiat currency. It is because, during deflationary, for short term gold price go down due to liquidity issue but because almost always central banks pump the system back up and Gold will rise up.

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  4. Was it cnbc said mr.buffet investing gold first time.i thought my experience with silver no not a good idea..if recall gold about $1850 oz..hasn't gone up much more but mostly down $1700 .I guess BAC at $1850..

  5. Note the dates chosen for comparing Gold's performance with the S & P, and the 10 year Treasury Note have been cherry-picked by CNBC. They have chosen the last peak of Golds price as its starting point to get the least favourable performance for Gold and compared it with the Share Market after the 2008 Financial Crisis to get the maximum return from the Share Market. It would be far more honest to choose from say 2000 (giving a more longterm performance figure), because that would show that Gold has performed substantially better than the Share market over a much longer period. Clearly the CNBC dont want to tell you the truth and you need to research the truth for yourself.

  6. Western investors tend to underestimate gold. In the east, the trust on gold is absolute, the muslims, indians and chinese have great trust on gold, that is about half of humanity. Sure it won't give you a good return in ordinary time. But it is probably the most stable anchor in stormy days, the kind that we will probably face soon.

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