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Charles Ponzi The Documentary financial documentary

The Rise and Fall of Charles Ponzi. Charles Ponzi The Documentary | History of the Ponzi Scheme. Bernie Madoff who died in prison at the age of 82 is today …

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Charles Ponzi The Documentary

Charles Ponzi The Documentary

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Charles Ponzi The Documentary
financial documentary
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  2. Exactly same scam happened in Russia after collapse of Soviet Union in 1990's. It ruined lives of millions of russians. In Russia after this scam it got "MMM scam" name, because company "MMM" took peoples money and promised huge returns. It all went well for a few years, until it all crashed and burned. Russian people at that time were extremely economically under-educated and unexperienced, because of communist upbringing.

  3. The furniture dealer who shook Ponzi down with his claim of "…owning half of the business" ended up coughing up all of his ill-gotten gains because of the claim. That's poetic justice!

  4. This is an excellently told story. Better than any story or documentary I have watched. I can tell you really did your research and took your time with this piece. Or maybe you're just a natural at storytelling. Either way, thanks for your insight!

  5. In 1920, the western world changed. In that year, a culture changing event happened. Something that has never happened in human history. Something that isn't universal for all people in this world. Some people are staunchly against it. But it happened here. And it's also self defeating. Just like Ponzi.

  6. Have you ever done a history and analysis of Donald Trump? There are many similarities, but many differences as well. I’d have to say that tRump’s most recent dupes have been most GOP members of Congress, and his base, who continue to send him money. Just amazing.

  7. I did not realize until the end that this was a YouTube movie. It's fascinating. I agree with the person who suggested making a movie out of it with Leo in the starting role. I think perhaps he may be a little old for the part. Let's try to think of someone a little younger. And I do think Scorsese would be a good director of our little movie that we're planning to have made.

  8. looks like his plan was working until a few people started hating and slandering his name…..hell,he made more money than most people….the newspaper ruined him just like they did Nikola Tesla.

  9. you say that pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes are different then go on to explain how they are exactly the same just changing participants to new investors.

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